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Teach English Abroad


  • For most programs, a bachelor's degree is required to be able to participate in teaching abroad opportunities.
  • On the other hand, some programs will require additional training to be able to teach in certain locations.
  • Some programs, such as the Princeton in Asia Program [located in the "Asia" tab], require participants to learn or be familiar with the language of the region/country you're located in. 


  • Most programs have benefits such as stipends, allowances, visas, and transportation.
  • Benefits for programs may also vary based on different factors such as location and country requirements.

Things to consider: 

How should I prepare to teach abroad?

Informational Resources

Programs in Different Countries:

  1. Teaching Assistant Program in France
  2. A.C.L.E. Teaching Progra
  1. The JET Programme (Japan) employs assistant language teachers to assist Japanese teachers in preparing teaching materials and extracurricular activities. 
  2. The English Program in Korea gives college graduates the opportunity to teach English abroad and offers severance pay. 
  3. The Teach Thailand Corps Program, founded by the American-Thai foundation, is for college graduates to teach in Thailand and earn monthly stipends while doing so. 

Here are other programs that offer teach abroad opportunities in multiple countries: 
CIEE Teach English Abroad Portal: CIEE provides information and opportunities for teaching English abroad opportunities in different countries. 
Go Overseas: This program provides helpful tips, opportunities, and resources for teaching abroad in different countries.

TEFL: TEFLorg offers online and in-person TESOL/TEFL courses and teaching opportunities

Greenheart Travel: This program offers TEFL courses and placement assistance for teaching opportunities abroad in: 
 Spain, Argentina, Czech Republic, Japan, Italy, Costa Rica, and Online.

Fulbright Program: Fulbright offers English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Programs that range from kindergarten to university level classes. ETAs serve as cultural ambassadors for the US through this ETA Program. 

Want to teach English virtually? Refer to these resources:
- Online Language Buddy 
- ESL Chinese Online
- Magic Ears Program 
Some Blogs that give more opportunities: 
- 10 Best Online English Teaching Companies Via Goats on the Road
- 20 Best Online English Teaching Companies
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