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Step-by-Step Application Process

Stage 1: Advising

  1. Attend a study abroad info. session, come in for a peer advising, or start your advising application.   
  2. On the advising page, go over the learning content and complete the required questionnaires. 
  3. Make an appointment with the Education Abroad Coordinator (EAC), Shaquanda Simmons.
  4. Identify a study abroad or internship program with the EAC and obtain the program’s description and/or course syllabi.

Stage 2: Pre-Decision

  1. Once the EAC approves your program you will be moved into the Pre-Decision Stage.
  2. You will have the new set of Questionnaires and Materials to submit on your Education Abroad Portal.
  3. Have your academic advisor approve your Transient Form. Once the academic advisor approves your program, the Transient form must be signed by your academic advisor, Chair, and Dean. Bring the approved Transient Form to the EAC and obtain the Transient Supplemental Form. Take the forms to the Registrar’s Office. Once you have the Transient Form sealed by Registrar's, bring it to OIED.
  4. After you complete the required tasks for the Pre-Decision Stage and submit your application, your application will be under review. If approved, you will be moved into the Post-Decision Stage and will have a new set of tasks to complete. 

Stage 3: Post-Decision

  1. During the Post-Decision Stage, you will take your Consortium Agreement, Financial Responsibility Form, and a copy of the completed and approved Transient Form to the Office of Financial Aid and get a consult and further instructions from your financial aid counselor.   
  2. Bring the Consortium Agreement signed by the Office of Financial Aid, along with other required materials, to the EAC.  
  3. Work on the Post-Decision Stage tasks on your education portal, submit the rest of the materials in a prompt manner and comply with any additional instructions provided by OIED, Registrar, and Financial Aid.  
  4. Once all required materials are submitted, the Request for Foreign Travel and Complimentary Travel Approval Form will be signed by OIED. You will receive an email stating that your application process is complete and you are approved to study abroad.  
  5. Enroll in the U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. 
  6. Remember to research your destination before you take off. Here are a few important questions: What are some of the customs in that country? How is the political atmosphere? How do people dress? 

Stage 4: While Abroad

  1. Upon arriving at the host university your application will be moved into While Abroad Stage. On the While Abroad Stage, submit a Verification of Enrollment (VOE). If you weren’t able to have the Consortium Agreement filled and signed by the host university prior to the departure, submit a signed copy of the Consortium agreement, along with VOE.
  2. Complete the tasks for the While Abroad stage.

If you have any questions please email